Our recipe for success –
good vibrations instead of oscillations

MSR has grown big thanks to self-developed aluminium support profiles. Since 1987, TP1 has been our best-selling ceiling profile for heavy-duty ceilings.

This is no accident. When X-raying, it‘s not enough that the profiles can bear the devices. The fact that they are vibration-free also has to be ensured – even with large spans and heavy loads.*

But since that‘s not enough, our profiles such as the BR125 are designed in such a way that they can grow with your technology. (Each point of our profiles can bear a load of up to 6,000 kilos. What are usual in the industry are loads of 800 to 1,200 kilos). Retrofitting instead tearing out saves you a lot of money.

This also applies to our bespoke heavy-duty areas and ceilings that go from wall to wall. We can also build crane runways if need be. Thanks to different profiles – from light-duty to heavy-duty – you have control over the costs. Another reason why our clients enjoy only good vibrations and no oscillations.