Exclusive products ex works – typical MSR

It all begins with a question. The customer asks: “Wouldn‘t it be possible to ...?” Then our developers and engineers come into play. That‘s how our profiles which are much stronger than conventional models came into being. And this is how new products that don‘t yet exist on the market are constantly being developed.

Take, for example, MSR‘s aluminium vertical blinds for radiation protection. They combine ease of use (either manual, semi-electric or fully automatic) with a timeless elegance and a flexibility that goes so far that the controls are connected to the X-ray machine. And this despite heights of up to 3 metres and widths of up to 6 metres. That‘s how easy and hassle-free radiation protection can be.

This also applies to our modular radiation-shielding partitioning. It can easily be controlled by hand or electrically. So you can make one room into two or can create a flexible two-room solution thanks to a moving part in the floor for appliances or a patient table. And since it‘s custom-made, you can be sure that the partitioning will fit completely snugly.