The advantage
of radiation protection
– the material is the decisive factor

Not all glass is the same. And not all plastic is the same. Different spatial conditions and purposes make different demands on the materials used. That‘s why we offer you various materials which – besides offering you the maximum radiation protection – also give you the added value you need.

Acrylic radiation-shielding glass, for example, is extremely strong, which is why it can be processed really well. Even scratches and soiling can easily be removed. In turn, mineral radiation-shielding glass is very thin because of its outstanding absorbency of radioactive radiation.

When it comes to sustainability, MSR sets standards. Our lead-free radiation-shielding glass guarantees a quality which does not pollute the environment. Of course, you can also get radiation-shielding doors with matching radiation-shielding frames.

Good to know: with or without radiation-shielding frames, all our panes of glass are available in two versions: a sound-insulation and a fire-protection version.

One small sensation is the “switchable” MSR glass that – thanks to a special crystal film – becomes transparent or opaque at the touch of a button. That‘s why it is destined for use in all examination and surgical areas where discretion is a must.