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It‘s barely conceivable these days, but when we founded MSR in the village of Jünkerath in the Eifel region of Germany in 1987, our product range consisted of a single support profile.

It must have impressed our customers, though, because in the years that followed, we received requests from Germany, Europe and, eventually, from all around the world asking if we could also supply and install adjustable heavy-duty ceilings – as well as floor constructions and partitioning and radiation-shielding glass and, and, and ...

Thus, out of a very specialised range a full range gradually grew. And MSR became a complete outfitter and a pioneer of highly advanced and safe hybrid operating rooms and X-ray rooms.

And because every room is different, we don‘t limit ourselves to just providing products, but also advise hospitals and clinics before carrying out any installation work – because it‘s the planning phase that decides whether a solution is the best it can possibly be.

Unnecessary purchases and expensive repairs can also be avoided this way – because the cheapest solution is the one that fulfils your wishes and needs precisely.